Fire Restaurant @ Park Hotel


If you’re looking for something to ignite your palate this winter, then Park Hotel’s restaurant Fire is the place. They’ve launched a new menu that seeks to introduce authentic regional dishes. The new menu succeeds in getting bac k to something elemental in eating — the pleasure of a particular texture or the joy of a certain taste.

The appetizers are small parcels packed with flavour. The parda paneer (Rs.525) nicely combines supple cottage cheese with a firmer, flaky saffron bread wrapper. The spongy cottage cheese soaks up the strong saffron juices to give each bite a really intense flavour. The gilawti kababs (Rs.625) are made with meat passed through the mincer nine times to produce a deliciously dense, paste-like texture and a rich taste laden with nuts and spice.

The main course shows similar attention to sensual detail. Tandoori pomfret (Rs.975) has been carefully prepared to preserve some of the fish’s own delicate flavour, the wonderfully soft white flesh just lightly tinged by the tandoor’s smoke and spice. Khichda (Rs.1275) has a really hearty balance of softened lentil sauce and slightly tougher pieces of slow cooked pork. A delightful, zesty freshness is added by the ginger and lemon juice mixed in at the last minute. The Naga chilli garlic pork (Rs.825) showcases the diversity of Indian food. Its unadorned meat is slow simmered until sumptuously soft. As each piece melts in the mouth, it gradually releases the distinctive, lip-tingling spice of the potent raja chilli.

Equally enjoyable is the masala fried quail, which has rust red skin beautifully crisp. It is satisfying to tear through the crisp coating to reach the soft, succulent white flesh beneath. Many menus run out of steam by the time it comes to the dessert, but Fire manages to keep burning. The sangom kheer (Rs.425) uses special Manipuri black rice with an intriguing nutty flavour, drowned in a buttery milk sauce with just a teasing hint of spice. Pan ki rasmalai (Rs.475) contrasts a rich, bready texture with a creamy outer coating. Betel nut at the centre produces the palate cleansing, menthol taste commonly found in paan.

If you have a gourmet within you, then Fire’s new menu will leave you delighted. Even if you don’t care about the spices , or the way your meat has been cooked, Fire’s menu gives the pleasure of eating exceptionally prepared food.


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