Wang Fu



Excellent, authentic and cheap Beijing food.  One of my favorite places in HK. Really good, hearty, home-cooked-style food. No peking duck here, but the jing jiang rou si is probably the best I´ve ever had in either China or HK. Its doesn’t come with many pancakes so ask for more beng if necessary. 

The hot and sour soup is also excellent, a really thick mix of mushrooms and other chinese vegetables with just a hint of spice to it. It may however seem a bit strange to pallets that are not used to this dish.

Also recommended are the dumplings, which as freshly made by the restaurant each day. They sometimes also offer some special dumplings, so look out for those. 

The vegetables taste beautifully fresh here and are not smothered with soy sauce and garlic in the way that some places do. 

I have never ordered anything here that was not delicious. They dumplings are all handmade, fresh, and tasty. If you have a sweet tooth, try the banana fritters (pulled silk bananas) for dessert, a specialty Beijing dish.


On Wellington Street in Soho. Go up escalator and look out on your left hand side. Early on is a street with a yellow sign for ‘curry’ – Wang Fu is near to this place. It has a red sign on the front with three chinese characters. 


Around HK $60-80 a dish

Time and Notes

Closes at 9:30