Hong Kong

  • Open Rice  is an excellent user based restaurant review site, which lists a lot of obscurer places. Unfortunately it remains only available in Chinese at the moment.
  • Food Easy while not quite as good as Open Rice in terms of its coverage of obscure places, has the advantage of also having an English interface.
  • Tasty Treats despite the poor choice of name, this blogger writes really well on Hong Kong, London and other food, and takes great photos of food as well.
  • Eat Drink Hong Kong is a very well written and informative restaurant review site. 


  • Eating Out in Delhi is run by a really friendly guy who is passionate about food, and has thoroughly explored Delhi’s food scene, expecially the street food. His site has led us to many secret delight!
  • Soldier of Fortune is another Delhi blogger and friend of the above who really knows his stuff when its comes to Indian food and the local scene. He writes particularly nicely on the connections between food and wider culture.
  • The Delhi Walla writes the occasional column of food under the heading ‘Table for One’, but also write really well on a whole range of Delhi topics and takes some great photos.

San Francisco

  • Obviously Yelp is a pretty useful resource for finding new places in the Bay Area and elsewhere in the states, although the reviews can be pretty variable. A lot of people use it as a canvas for their ego’s rather than a serious foodie site. A good practice is to check the worst reviews for a restaurant as well as the best. My Yelp page can be found here
  • The guys behind the Food Hacking project in San Francisco do some pretty interesting and sometimes downright weird scientific experiments with food. As Heston Blumenthal shows, this kind of molecular cooking is getting big in some mainstream restaurants too.  


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