El Parador

Came here after having a few drinks in Camden and searching on Yelp / Time Out for somewhere to grab a late meal. As promised, it offered straightforward service and good no-nonsense food that helped satisfy slightly a couple of slightly drunk people overdue a meal.

The portobello mushrooms were well cooked so that they were tender and meaty without going soggy as they can do if they’re over done. They had a dark, rich tasting mushroom juice that was soaked up by the great addition of scattered pine nuts which contributed texture and heartiness to the dish.

The pork belly came as two big coiled strips of meat which was boiled until meltingly tender, the fat and skin adding to the flavour.  Herbs held between each layer of the coil also gave more interest to the pork, which can sometimes be a bit bland tasting. A scattering of rocket leaves was a nice addition.

Meatballs tasted earthy and homemade with a fairly delicate hint of herbs. I would have preferred something a bit stronger tasting and had to keep dipping them in the rich tomato sauce they came in to add flavour.  Still, they were fairly satisfying.

Scallops though nothing fancy, plump and fresh tasted and went well with the slices of black olive that accompanied them. Like all the other dishes except perhaps the meatballs, this was a good sized portion for just over five pounds.

This is definitely somewhere I’d return to when I’m next in Camden. I might even forgo the pre-dinner drinks and couple a few of their tapas with a bottle of wine.